About us

Online since 2005, HowtoCallAbroad.com has gone through slight design updates over the years, but the main goal is still the same today: to guide people trying to connect internationally by displaying relevant, accurate, easy to read and up to date information.

All the data published on our website is collected from different online sources, one of the more important ones being ITU.int - the International Telecommunication Union website.

Keeping the information up to date is the most difficult and, at the same time, interesting part of our job. It is difficult because, often up to date information is not quite readily available in this industry and therefore thorough research work is needed. It is fun and interesting because learning about changes in a country's telephone numbering plan gives us valuable insights into how people residing in the said country communicate and how this technology is evolving for them relative to other countries.

We encourage you to send us whatever suggestions you might have on how we can further improve this website.