Privacy policy is a website built and maintained with the purpose of providing international dialing information to our visitors. We do not use any of the personal information our visitors provide when contacting us or when becoming members on our discussion forums. Our forums software does use http cookies to retain a member's IP address (in case that member comes back he/she will not be required to sign in again). These cookies can not reveal anyone's identity. HTML cookies can be disabled via your browser's options. Keep in mind that disabling them may cause browsing issues (example: not being able to log in to various user areas).

Http cookies used by third party companies

This website displays advertising for third party companies. These ads may gather some information about our visitors via HTML cookies. This info may include IP address, sites visited, etc. None of the details stored can reveal someone's identity.

Google is one of the companies we are associated with to display advertising on via their Adsense program. Google may use the Dart cookie technology, an advanced system that displays ads to Internet users based on their browsing habits (for example, if you visit several basketball websites Google may decide to show you sports related ads even when you visit a non sports related website affiliated with this company). You can opt out of this program at For complete information see Google's privacy policy.