How to call Tonga from the USA & Canada:

011 - 676 - phone number

*Use also to TEXT Tongolese numbers. **011676 and +676 often work interchangeably from cell phones.

Calling from another country?

The current time in Tonga is 07:44:13pm

Save on international calls to Tonga

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Calling Tonga explained:

  • 011 - international access code; dial first when calling abroad from the US or Canada
  • 676 - Country Code for Tonga
  • Phone Number - 5 digits for landlines and 7 digits for mobile and VoIP numbers
  • calling from Canada or United States to Tonga landlines international dialing format: 011 676 ?? ???

Cell phone numbers:

  • geographic area codes not needed to reach Tongolese cell phones
  • dialing sequence for calls and text messages: 011 676 X?? ????
  • initial digit (X) can be 7 or 8

Phone books: