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Boyfriend calling me from India (I'm in uk)

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  • Started 5 years ago by Zoeheron1990
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  1. Zoeheron1990

    Hi everyone. I live in the Uk and my boyfriend has gone on holiday to Goa for 3 weeks. When he first arrived he rang me from his mobile on my mobile to let me know he was there and it all connected fine. The following day he apparently tried to call me 3 times and each time a foreign bloke answered. I didn't have any missed calls from him or incoming calls. He then text me quite irate asking me to call him immediately which I did and he then called me straight back and it worked fine. He is now convinced that I am cheating on him as his only explanation for this is that a for own bloke answered my phone? I can't seem to make him see sense that it must have a been a missconnection or something. He used to design mobile networks so knows more than me and says a missconnection is not possible and that I'm lying and cheating. Can anyone explain what could have possibly happened? He says he hasn't misdialled my number as I'm a saved contact. He is refusing to tell me what this person said or whether it was even in English

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  2. admin
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    I'm sure that, although not often, misplaced calls can happen, especially when using a phone with a roaming agreement to call from abroad.

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