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call connects to the wrong number

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  1. cp

    I am trying to call a Romanian cell from Australia.

    1. I tried the number +40723233??? from my Australian mobile. This is exactly the number I use to sms. The first few times I tried to call, the calls connected properly and I was able to talk to the right person. But after a few calls, the calls started getting picked up by a third person stranger (also Romanian). This stranger picks up my calls every single time even though the smses get through to the right recipient. Sometimes the phone on the otherside will call and call and no one picks up but no call is registered on the other person's phone. The above also happens when I add 0011 at the start of the number.

    2. I tried this number using a phone card on the landline (adding 0011 at the start, of course). It dialled and connected properly the first few times then it started connecting to the same third person who picks up when I call from the cell or, if the call is unanswered no call is registered on the intended cell. During all this time the smses are still getting through to the correct recipient on the exact same number dialled.

    3. I tried the same process using other Romanian cells. The same thing happens but I get connected to a different Romanian stranger for each number.

    Do you have any idea why this happens? I am wasting so much money on calls to strangers! I will be very grateful if you can solve this mystery.

    Posted 9 years ago #
  2. admin
    Key Master

    This is indeed a strange occurrence. What you can do: when the wrong person answers the phone ask them what their phone number is. Then give this number to the right person and ask them to call the Romanian wireless operator and inquire about this issue. This is likely a problem on their end (Romanian operator).

    Posted 9 years ago #
  3. winter

    I also have experienced a similar problem from UK to South Africa. Partner wrang me numerous times whilst away with no problems however, on one particular afternoon (there were bad storms)he rang me 10 times and on 2 occassions he spoke to a man! However for the particular times he rang i had no missed calls or received calls on my mobile, hardly if any signal and i was on my own with my phone. I've checked his call logs and they do say he rang my number and was connected- however this was not the case with my call logs and certainly no man had access to my phone. I rang orange they said it was practically impossible for this to happen- but it did!!!!!!!!!

    I am no longer in South Africa to contact the network provider. Please help solve this mystery?

    Posted 9 years ago #

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