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Calling a UK cell phone from USA to Italy

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  1. jeanbratt

    I have a phone number that, when dialed from Israel is 00447931390???. I want to dial this number from the US. How do I do that? I know I am supposed to dial 011 39, but then what?

    Posted 11 years ago #
  2. admin
    Key Master

    Hello Jean,

    This is a UK cell (but you probably know that already). If you are in Italy and you have roaming there for your UK cell then people calling you from any country except the UK will dial your number as if you were in the UK. In short, to reach you from the US this is what one should dial: 011 44 793... So all you do is replace 00 with 011.

    For more info on how international cell phone roaming works see the page below:

    Posted 11 years ago #


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