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Calling and sms from mexico to australia and vice versa

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  1. Abroad77

    Hi i just recently purchased a mexican tel cel sim for my iphone and txted my gf back in aus using the +614xxxxxxxx this seemed to go through correctly but when i try txting anyone else back in australia the sms will not send???

    Also if my gf was to call me from australia to mexico would she need to put 0011 infront of my number or just the + and area code?

    Thanks for your help

    Posted 8 years ago #
  2. admin
    Key Master


    The plus sign and 0011 prefix can be used interchangeably (either one or the other, never both). The same way when calling/texting from Mexico you can use either 00 or +.

    Now, if the sms went through when you texted one Australian cell then it should normally go through for all Australian cell phones. The only possible issue could be that the other cell phones you texted are serviced by a different carrier than the one serving your girlfriend. Sometimes sms messages do not work internationally due to lack of agreements between carriers. I would say that this is unlikely in your case though. Calling your current Mexican carrier to inquire about this might help.

    Since you have a Mexican mobile number now people from Australia should use the required dialing sequence for calling/texting a Mexican cell:
    0011 52 1 xxx ??? ???? or + 52 1 xxx ??? ????. xxx is the city code where your phone is registered. 1 is a digit used when contacting Mexican cell phones from outside Mexico. See more info below:

    Posted 8 years ago #


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