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Calling Argentina mobile phones from abroad

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    Calling a cell phone in Argentina is a bit tricky hence the need for this post.

    Facts we should point out:

    - Dialing an Argentina cell phone requires adding the region/city area code to the mobile number you want to call.

    - Digit 9 (nine) must be added between country code and area code.

    - If the cell number begins with 15 these 2 digits must be dropped.

    - Area code + cell number must total 10 digits.

    Example: You are given this cell number from Buenos Aires: 15 ???? ????. Let's say you are in the United Kingdom so you will dial the following:
    00 (UK exit code) + 54 (country code for Argentina) + 9 + 11 (Buenos Aires area code) + ???? ???? (cell number). As you can see we left out the 15 used for calls within Argentina and we added 9 before the area code.

    For a complete list of Argentina area codes and details on how to dial from any country see

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