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Calling a South African cell from the US

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  1. linda

    I need to know if someone wants to call me from Miami or the Dominican Republic to my cellphone(0828456???) what is the correct codes because I am really struggling to get the correct information. Thanks Linda

    Posted 11 years ago #
  2. admin
    Key Master

    Hi Linda,
    You forgot to mention where you are which is kind of important. Judging by the cell number and email address you have I suppose you are in South Africa. The following codes should be dialed to call your South African cell from the US: 011 (US exit code) + 27 (S.A. country code) + 828456???. As you can see the starting zero in your cell number will be left out. The same dialing procedure is used to dial your number from the Dominican Rep.

    All the info required to call South Africa is available at


    Posted 11 years ago #


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