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    To dial my friend’s mobile number from within China to Chengdu is: 860+ 139 0822 7890

    I wish to dial her from USA, exit code: 011

    I am aware of the international dialing code for China: 86

    I am aware that when calling abroad to China from USA, I do NOT use trunk code: 0

    Do I need to use area code for Chengdu: 28

    I get wrong access or long-distance number message when I use the following:
    011-28-0822-7890, 011-28-86-0822-7890, 011-28-86-139-0822-7890 etc

    I get “the number is busy” when I use:



    86 is China’s country code. When calling from within China you can also leave out the 86 code and just dial 0139 and so on. From outside China however dialing 86 is mandatory. Moreover, China cell numbers use no area codes. In short, to dial this Chinese cell from the US you should enter: 011 86 139 0822 7890.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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