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    I am trying to reach a former exchange student in Japan. On her paperwork, she has written her number as 0031 0489 78 4???. There is also 343 written above the 0031. She lives is Koshigaya-shi, in Saitama prefecture. I know the number to call so far from the West Coast of USA: 011 81 …I can’t find the area code for Koshigaya-shi or understand the sequence I should use. Can you explain the rest of the numbers and help me reach her?


    The number you have is either misspelled or you wrote 31 instead of 81 which is Japan’s country code. The 00 in the beginning is used from many countries to dial internationally and many people include it in the number not knowing that different countries use different international access codes (the US uses 011 as you already know). The starting zero in the Japanese number is to be dropped when dialing it from outside Japan. In conclusion you should dial: 011 81 489 78 4??? (48 is the area code of this town in the Saitama province).

    I hope this helps:)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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