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Calling in UK

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  1. rnair

    Will be in the UK with my US AT&T cell phone.

    What will people in the US trying to contact me in the UK have to dial?
    How would I call a US number from the UK?
    How would I call a UK number - cell or landline - while in the UK?
    How would someone in the UK call me?
    If my wife also has her US AT&T cell phone with her in the UK how would I call her while there?


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  2. admin
    Key Master


    People from the US will dial your number as if you were in the US.

    UK people will dial 00 1 followed by your 10 digit US number to reach you (this is exactly what you must dial to call back to the US and also what your wife should be using to call you/or you to call her).

    To call to UK phones you can dial their numbers using the national dialing format which is 0 + 10 digits (example 07??? ??? ??? for a UK cell). Alternatively I believe you can also drop the starting zero and use +44 7??? ??? ??? which is the international version of a UK cell number.

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  3. rnair


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