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    I have been trying to call a cell number in North Cyprus but am unsure how to dial it. My friend gave me the number 905428745???. I understand that 90 is the country code for Turkey and 542 is the area code, however when i dial 011 905428745??? it does not go through. Cyprus country code according to other internet sites says 357 and to dial a cell # it should be 011 357 99xxxxxxx (7 digits). Please can someone tell me which is correct? Is the number he gave me only for dialling within his country


    I just tried calling this number and I get a message in Turkish and English saying that the phone can not be reached at the moment (the phone is switched off or it is out of the coverage area).

    If your friend gave you this number it makes no sense to replace the country code. Northern Cyprus is part of Turkey and that is why this number is a Turkish number. If you go to the page you’ll see that this is the format of a Turkish cell. If you can’t call this number it’s either because you can’t place international calls for some reason or, if you too are getting the message I mentioned above there is likely a problem with this number.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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