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    I have a number for a friend in Kharkov, Ukraine and I do not know if it is a landline or mobile phone. I am using a mobile phone and am trying to text the number first before I attempt to call her. The phone number is +38(063)xxx-xx-xx in this format which doesn’t fit into any of the examples given on the web site.

    US to Ukraine international dialing format: 011 + 380 +?? + ??? ????

    For calls to a cell phone dial: 011 + 380 + network code +??? ????

    U.S. Exit Code Country (Ukraine) Code Area Code 7 =Digit Phone Number
    011 380 +38 (063) xxx-xx-xx

    I think it might be a mobile phone she has so is the network code (063) or I will have to leave one group of numbers out to fit in this format for mobile calling or would the network code be +38 +(063)so it would be dialed as 38063 as the network code?

    So if it is a mobile phone I would dial 011-380-38063-xxx-xx-xx?
    Per web site format 011-380-38063-xxx-xxxx?

    For land line 011-380-38-xxx-xx-xx?
    Per web site format 011-380-38-xxx-xxxx?

    Thank you in advance for the help I have never made an international call before so I am just verifying what I think is correct.


    The number your friend gave you already has the country code 380 added to it. It is indeed a cell phone and you should look at it this way: 380 63 ??? ???? (63 ??? ???? is the cell number). To the number she gave you just add 011: (011 380 63 ??? ????).


    OK, The way I received the number it was actually in the wrong format then right? It should have been given to me as +380(63)xxx-xxxx. 380 is country code 63 is network or area code then the 7 digit phone number. Thank you again for your time in helping me!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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