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      I need to call My untie Who is at either Zambia or Malawi and Im from South Africa. Im having this number(092602)0978020xx. This number contradicts with Your numbers.
      By mere looking at this number what does it tell You?


        Hi James,

        This looks like she gave you two numbers: 0926020xx and 0978020xx. You need to add South Africa’s exit code followed by the country code of either Zambia or Malawi. You must leave out the starting zero.

        Judging by the number of digits and the starting 9 this looks like a Malawi cell phone (in Zambia you should have 9 digits instead of 8 after removing the first zero). So if these numbers are in Malawi you will dial: 00 265 92 602 0xx or 00 265 97 802 0xx. If you can’t connect try using Zambia’s country code also to see what happens.

        The pages below have all the info you need for dialing the 2 countries:

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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