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    Jean Bonham

    Arrived in Florida yesterday, tried with my UK cellphone, to call a USA cellphone and also a USA home number but can’t get through. Tried several options with codes but can’t get through. Do I have to put in any extra numbers?


    Hi Jean,

    All you have to dial is the full US number: 1 xxx xxx xxxx. No extra codes required. If this doesn’t work there might be an issue with your roaming service. Have you been able to call at all since you arrived in the US?


    i have this problem as well, I can phone and text from US to UK but I can’t make any calls to US cell or land lines
    I get the message unrecognised number
    I have tried just the number , the number prefixed with a 1, the number prefixed with 001 as I would if I was still in the UK and in desperation UK prefix 44 followed by U.S. international code 001 and then the number, all to no avail

    I am able to receive calls from US phones whilst in US

    My phone is a HTC C

    Can anyone help me



    US phone numbers have the following national dialing format: 1 yyy xxx xxxx. yyy is the area code (both landlines and cell numbers use area codes). How you dial a US number depends on whether that particular call is local or long distance. Generally, to dial state to state you need to dial the full national number (see above). When calling within the same state, leaving out the leading 1 should work fine (or calling the 7 digit number without the area code also works for local calls).

    Using 44 or 001 makes no sense. One other option that might make sense is using +1 yyy xxx xxxx or 011 1 yyy xxx xxxx. 011 is the international prefix used by the US and Canada to call abroad (just like the UK uses 00). Dialing +1 instead of 011 works with cell phones.

    Let me know if you’re still unable to call.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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