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    On November 21, 2014 Cameroon changed its 8 digit phone numbers with 9 digit phone numbers for both cell phones and landlines.

    Cell phones
    Digit 6 has been added to all cell phone numbers. Previously, Cameroon cell phone numbers had consisted of 8 digits with the leading digit being 6, 7 or 9. Now they all start with 6:
    -6x xx xx xx becomes 6 6x xx xx xx
    -7x xx xx xx becomes 6 7x xx xx xx
    -9x xx xx xx becomes 6 9x xx xx xx

    Fixed numbers
    There are 2 types of fixed phone numbers in Cameroon:
    -regular landlines
    -CDMA fixed (a type of fixed wireless service)

    Digit 2 has been added to regular landlines:
    -22 xx xxxx becomes 2 22 xx xxxx
    -33 xx xxxx becomes 2 33 xx xxxx

    CDMA lines are a bit trickier because they had formerly started with 22 and 33 just like regular fixed lines. With this change however they have a new dialing format:
    -22 xx xxxx becomes 2 42 xx xxxx
    -33 xx xxxx becomes 2 43 xx xxxx

    There are a few exceptions to the above CDMA rule. Contact us for more info or visit this PDF document announcing the change and published on

    Our page on dialing to Cameroon has up to date Information.

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