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Cell call forwarding, US via landline to cell Afghanistan

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  1. SLK

    This is complicated. I'll try to be specific. My husband is in Afghanistan and uses a corporate (he's civilian) issued iPhone owned by "Ericsson."

    In order for me to call him (from either landline or my cell phone) I have to call a landline (VOIP) A T & T phone, which 'forwards' the call to a Kansas City, Mo. cell phone owned by "Ericsson."

    I can leave voicemail messages and he answers when available. The connection is incredibly good, but without telling too much personal stuff, I wonder how this is possible and if anyone knows that this can be done. I never have to dial a country code and the phone numbers are all US based.

    Any experts out there who could help me understand this?

    Posted 4 years ago #
  2. admin
    Key Master

    Hello Susan,

    From what I understand your husband works for Ericsson and he has a work mobile phone. I suppose because of the redirects you don't feel comfortable sharing personal stuff over the phone. Have you tried calling him directly on his MO cell phone? I believe that calling the VoIP first saves you money (if the VoIP number is a local number for you).

    So I'm not sure what you'd like to know, but to me this doesn't seem so complicated: you call a landline that redirects to a mobile number. The mobile number, even if it is a US number can be answered anywhere in the world if there's a roaming plan activated.

    Posted 4 years ago #

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