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Dial an international USA operator from Smart cell phone in the Philippines

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  1. abbesteva

    I'm trying to make a collect call to the USA from a SMART BUDDY CARD in a cell phone in the Philippines. What must I dial to get an international telephone operator who can deal with a collect call to 1-(804) 934-2001

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  2. admin
    Key Master


    The thing about those contact numbers on the back of US bank cards - they can easily receive collect calls when dialed from within the USA. When placing the call from outside the US it gets complicated because you're dealing with different carriers and some may or may not provide operator assisted calls. My advice to you is to call your Smart Filipino carrier (or walk into one of their physical stores) and ask about the number you should call to be able to dial a collect call to the US.

    An easier option would be to simply dial the bank's number and pay for the call. Of course, when placing such a call you must take into account the amount of time you would likely spend on the phone with your bank. Here's an interesting NYTimes article on the issue:

    Posted 4 years ago #


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