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Dialing London from US Blackberry

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  1. jfshakopee

    I have a team of international travelers who dial from their US Blackberries most of the time.
    How do they dial London? Do they have to be able to dail the "+" before country code of 44?
    Also, how would they dial from US Blackberry (in the US) to a UK cell phone or blackberry in the UK?

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  2. admin
    Key Master


    Blackberry phones work just like any other cell phone for international dialing.

    Indeed they can use +44 followed by the UK number or, depending on the country they are in, they can use the so called Exit code for that particular country. For example, all European countries use a double zero to dial internationally. So, to call say from Italy to the UK you would either use +44 or 0044. From the US you have 01144. Here's a list of country and exit codes.

    London landlines look like this: 20 ???? ???? (10 digits, 20 is the area code).
    UK cell numbers have a nationwide dialing format: 7??? ??? ???. Neither can start with zero when dialed from outside the UK. If they do, leave out the zero. Example: (0)20 ???? ????.

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