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dialling a mobile in Kazahstan

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  1. tezza

    I am trying to dial a mobile number in Kazakhstanfrom the UK.....I know the code for KZ is +7, as in 007. However, I cannot decipher what I SHOULD be dialling is, as I've tried lots of different ways, so far unsuccessfully.... can you help please? ....all I was given for the number I'm trying to reach is 8 701 799 2???

    Looking forward to hearing from you, with thanks



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  2. admin
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    Apologies for the late reply.
    In case you haven't figured it out - in order to dial this number from outside Kazakhstan you should leave out the initial 8 which is a so called trunk code used for national dialing only (just like in the UK an initial zero is used). So dial: 00 7 701 and so on.

    When using our website try paying attention to all the details. We provide a "dialing format" for calls to cellular numbers in most countries that includes initial digit(s) and number of digits.

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