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family wanting to call each other's cells in London/Paris

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  1. Jpfeuffer

    Grandparents, daughter & 3 grandchildren (ages 9 & 11) will be in London (and perhaps Paris)in June. Grandparents, daughter and 1 grandchild will have their US cell phones. We're having ID bracelets made for children and need to put the correct cell number to call should a child become lost. All cell phones are with AT&T and we have the world traveler coverage. 2 of us have talked to AT&T. One representative said the children should simply call the regular cell phone number WITHOUT ANY PREFIXES. Another representative indicated we need to dial "+1" and the US area code and number.
    I want the ID bracelets to reflect the correct numbers for the girls to call: What prefix, if any, does the child with the cell phone use to call us? And what number with prefixes would the girls without cell phones need to give to policemen, etc. to reach us? Any help would be appreciated.

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  2. admin
    Key Master

    Hi Jean,

    Only those staying in the US will be able to reach these phones traveling across Europe by dialing the regular phone number without any additional prefixes.

    The international dialing format for a US telephone number is indeed +1 ??? ??? ????. This means that the plus sign is either to be replaced with the local exit code (00 for all European countries including the UK), or the plus is actually dialed (works with cell phones from all countries).

    So, to recap, the number to be called and also to be given to the Police is: +1 ??? ??? ????. In addition, 00 1 ??? ??? ???? should also work (whichever you prefer).

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