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    So I met a friend who lives in the uk, London (well Kent to be exact) and I got her cell number and I really have to talk to her.
    Yesterday I got an iPhone and downloaded this WhatsApp app where you can msg people all over the world, so I tried putting her number in my phone but it’s just wouldn’t work! I’ve tried everything but nothings coming off right!
    Her cell phone no. Is 07541xxxxxx (took off the real numbers out of privacy rights)
    I know that the uk code is +44
    London area code is 207/208 (in israel)
    Israel’s national code is 00 if I remember correctly.

    PLEASE I have to get the number ASAP really, so, help anybody?

    All I need is to know how to write the dial number from my cell in Israel to hers in the uk.

    Thanks in advance!


    You have to dial the exit code for your cell phone network. I’m not sure about that software you’re using so not sure what exit code you will have to put on it.

    But normally for Israel, you have to dial International Exit Code and it is different for each Israel carrier: 00 (Kod Gisha), 012 (Smile Tikshoret), 013 (NetVision), 014 (Bezeq), 018 (Xfone).

    After the International Code, dial, 44 and then the cell phone number starting with 7. You have to drop the first and leading 0 in the start of the number.


    I found a page on wikihow providing some basic info on what steps you should take in order to use the whatsup app:

    After making sure your app is installed and working use the instruction given by jaunty_mellifluous above. No need to add London’s area code because cell phones do not use area codes in the UK. Also, if you aren’t sure what International exit code to use just enter the plus sign instead using your mobile phone’s keyboard. You should have this dialing sequence: +447541xxxxxx


    My gosh FINALLY!!!
    Thank you so so much, both of you!!!
    It’s finally working!
    I think what I did wrong was using the area code, I really didn’t know cell phones in the uk don’t use area codes, so thanks for letting me know!
    and thank you for the WhatsApp info, too!
    You’re awesome!

    Thanks again!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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