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Gabon telephone numbering changes

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    In May 2012 The Agence de Regulation des Communications Electroniques et des Postes (ARCEP), Libreville announced an update to Gabon's telephone numbering system. The update was scheduled for June 17, 2012. Before this date fixed and mobile telephone numbers in Gabon (when dialed from abroad) had the following dialing format:

    -Fixed: xx xx xx
    -Mobile: 0x xx xx xx.

    As of June 17, 2012 both fixed and mobile numbers in Gabon have 7 digits. This change was achieved by removing the starting zero in mobile phones and adding digit 1 (one) to 6 digit fixed numbers:

    -Fixed: 1 xx xx xx
    -Mobile: x xx xx xx.

    Our page on dialing to Gabon provides up to date info.

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