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    Hi, my grandparents from South Korea came and our family is having trouble helping my grandmother calling her daughter (got remarried). She has her South Korean cell phone and is fine with roaming and everything, but we can’t figure out how to call her daughter’s cell or landline number. Her daughter currently resides in Houston and if anyone has any idea on how to make a call with her Korean cell phone to an American landline/cell line while she’s (grandmother) in America, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for helping!


    OK. As I understand it you have a Korean cell currently used in roaming in the USA calling to a US landline/cell number. If this is the case she should dial the US numbers the way they are dialed in the US. For example: many Houston phone numbers including area code look like this: 713 ??? ????. This is what your grandmother should dial. For state to state calls a 1 is also required in most cases: 1 713 ??? ????.

    Note that the above is just an example. Houston has other area codes besides 713 (281 and 832).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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