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How can i call my daddy who is in Afganisthan fron Colombia

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  1. fzapata

    Hi!my daddy works in Kabul, Afganisthan, and off corse for new year i want to be able to call him but when i deal the number he tells me its his cell phone the machine says that is a wrong number and that i should try later, the number he sended to me is 00993798632405 and when he calls me the number is 0319099500. Thanks!.

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  2. admin
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    The number your dad sent you looks like an Afghan cell phone: 009 is one of the several international exit codes used to dial out of Colombia, 93 is Afghanistan's country code and 798632405 would be the actual cell number. The other number looks like an Afghan landline and to dial it you would have to add the international exit code and country code already included with the first number. Also, you must leave out the starting zero: 009 93 319099500.

    One thing you should know is that each Colombian phone service provider has its own international exit code. Check the page below for the code used by your carrier, or, if you are using a cellular phone to dial you can replace 009 with the plus sign (this one works with all carriers):

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