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    I am trying to find the phone number of my pen pal for 20 years. When my computer crashed, I lost all the info, and then I moved to Canada – we lost each other.

    All I have is her name – Kiyomi Jo – and info dated 1996. Her phone number then was 092(73)5139. I called this number (probably dialed the wrong way), it was not she.
    Her address in 1996 was Ohara-rose #702, 1359-1 Oho, Ogoori-city, Fukuoka 838-01, Japan.
    She probably moved and changed the phone number. Is there any chance to get her phone number?


    The problem is I couldn’t locate any Japanese White Pages. I guess your best bet would be to try and talk to the owner of this old number and ask them about your friend. Sorry I can’t do more to help you.


    i m trying to find our friend for 15 years,, his name is MR. Mitsuo Miyara and his phone number is 098 933709, his address is Okinawa city , 948-2 AZA TAKAHARA, OKINAWA-PREF, JAPAN… thats was he give as last 15 years,,,, Is there chance to get his contact ?

    Ellis MACKEY

    Hi. I Am trying to find a phone number of an old friend in Okakama ken Japan
    Her name is Yoskhiko Akagi.


    Hi Ellis,

    We list phone books for most countries, but there is no residential phone book available for Japan. According to other online sources, one way to find someone’s telephone number in Japan would be to call Directory Inquiry if you know the name of that person. You would have to call 104 from inside Japan:

    Another more popular way to find someone nowadays is through online search engines and social media websites, provided that the person you’re searching for uses these services.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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