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    I have encountered a problem with my Wells Fargo Bank that has prevented me from carrying out international funds transfers. My bank uses a security procedure that involves sending a text message to my phone with a code that needs to be entered with their online international funds transfer system.

    I have a UK phone and have entered my UK number +44-7580-330xxx into my Wells Fargo profile. Regrettably Wells Fargo’s system does not dial and send text messages to phone numbers outside the U.S.

    Understanding this, I would like to buy an inexpensive U.S. phone and a Pay As You Go SIM Card that would provide me with a U.S. phone number ansd the ability to receive a text message in the UK.. The phone and SIM card would need to have Roaming Capability (allows the phone to connect to a UK service provider when used in the UK at a cost). I would also need to be able to buy Top Ups (buy more phone time) for the SIM Card Online given I could not be in the U.S. to pay for Top Ups when needed.

    Does anyone have a suggestion on how I could accomplish my objective with a low cost solution? I sincerely appreciate your assistance.



    Your need for a US phone number capable of somehow delivering text messages to your UK location seems to have at least two possible solutions.
    The first would be using a regular prepaid cell phone as you suggested.There are so many US providers and plans that you would need to do a bit of research before choosing the most cost effective one. I have done some research myself and here’s what I have found: there is a small US wireless provider which does not charge for any included resources. You pay a fixed minimum rate to own a phone number and then you pay for your usage at the end of the month. Here’s a link:
    Also, here’s a list of ‘best prepaid plans’ published 3 days ago:

    A second option would be to use a virtual US phone number which would forward your text messages to an email address. This is a relatively new feature offered by some virtual phone number providers (a virtual phone number is just like a regular phone number and it is mainly used to redirect calls to another city/country). I’m not sure whether you can order a virtual phone number only for receiving text messages. Nevertheless, you could end up paying less. Here are two such providers:

    I hope this helps.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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