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How do you dial "+" ?

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  • Started 6 years ago by pbrstreetg
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  1. pbrstreetg

    How do you dial "+" ?

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    There are two types of situations in which the plus sign is used for international dialing instructions:

    1. The way we use it on this site where the plus sign has a separating role between the elements of a calling sequence (IDD code, country code, etc). For example, to call from the US to a phone in Italy you would enter: 011 + 39 + phone number; however, you don't actually dial these plus signs, you just use 01139 followed by the Italian number.

    2. You will sometimes see an international number starting with a plus sign. The example above will be: +39 followed by the phone number. In this case the + replaces 011 which is the US IDD or exit code. Here you will actually have to dial the plus or use 011 instead - either way works.

    The plus sign can be dialed when using a cell or VoIP phone to place the call. Look for + on the phone's keyboard (for cell phones it is usually one of those characters that can be entered by dialing a button twice). Many landline phones do not have the capability to dial +.

    There's also an article we wrote a while ago on the subject:

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  3. pbrstreetg

    Awesome. The cellular phone advice was exactly the trick.
    Thank you, cheers from Miami!

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