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How do you dial a Canadian cell phone that's in Sweden?

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  1. allanj

    I'll be buying my daughter a Calling Card to call me on my Canadian cell phone while I'm in Gothenburg, Sweden. Once she dials the 1-800 number for the Calling Card, then enters the PIN number, does she also have to dial the out of country numbers (011) then the Country code (46 for Sweden) then the City Code (31) for Gothenburg, then my Canadian cell phone area code number (519) for London, Ontario, then my 7 digit phone number? Is this the proper dialing procedure?

    And when I call her landline number in Canada from my cell phone while I'm in Sweden while using the same Calling Card, do I first dial 00 to dial out of the country, followed by the 1-800 Calling Card number, followed by the PIN number, followed by my Canadian cell phone number area code (519) followed by my 7 digit phone number?

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  2. admin
    Key Master

    Hi Allan,

    That's not how international roaming works. Your daughter will call you as if you were in Canada (no international codes are needed). Your wireless provider will route the call automatically to the partner Swedish carrier.

    Secondly, it doesn't make sense for you to use the same calling card unless the calling card provider gave you a Sweden local number to call instead of the 1800 number. If you call the Canadian 1800 number from Sweden you will pay for the call (it's only free when dialed from North America). So you either call your daughter directly from your cell by dialing 00 1 519 ??? ???? (which may get expensive), or you can buy a Sweden calling card with a local number and dial this number to connect. This will not be cheap either. Generally using your cell phone abroad is expensive. I would buy a calling card and use it with a payphone to call back to Canada.

    The following page explains in detail how international roaming works.

    Posted 8 years ago #

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