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How much the call Baghdad, Iraq costs?

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  • Started 5 years ago by muzayana1917
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  1. muzayana1917

    I'd like to now how much costs the call without any card to Baghdad, Iraq from USA, California, Santa Rosa?
    I'd like to know also, how much the Iraqi person whom I call, needs to pay, if he picks up the cell phone, when I call him from USA.
    I just need to make sure, my friend from Iraq will not pay or overpay, if I call him.
    Which is the best way to call Baghdad, which card is cheaper?

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  2. admin
    Key Master


    The short answer to all your questions is: it depends:)

    First of all - what type of phone does your friend use in Iraq? Is it a fixed or a mobile phone. If the latter, is it an Iraq or a US mobile phone?

    If your friend uses an Iraq phone number (mobile or fixed) it shouldn't cost him anything to receive calls.

    Regarding costs to call without using a calling card - you must ask your phone company about rates to Baghdad (make sure you mention the type of phone he uses - rates to call an Iraqi cell are higher). There are alternative calling services you could use to place your calls. A few that come to mind: , or .

    If your friend uses a US mobile phone you won't pay anything extra to call him (he will pay roaming charges).

    Posted 5 years ago #

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