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    I was recently in the position of talking to someone overseas via social media and that person became injured and there was a question of whether they would be able to dial their 3-digit emergency number for help. Thankfully they managed, but my utter failure at being able to find out how to call myself made me decide to dig deeper until I find an answer. How DO I call the emergency number for another country?



    Emergency phone numbers are available for local use. You can not call a local emergency telephone number from abroad. What you can do in a situation like the one you describe above is either contact a friend/acquaintance who can call the 3 digit emergency number on behalf of the person in danger or you can call the local police station where the person who is in danger is located. You would likely be able to find the local police station’s telephone contact on the Internet.


    Within Europe the European emergency Number association has produced a database of Public safety Answering Points, that is available to bone fide emergency control rooms. This means that most emergency call centres within Europe at least can pass calls between countries.

    Here in London we can also pass calls to a wide range of other countries – it is quite a common request.

    So your best answer is to actually call the relevant emergency service in your country and ask them to pass the call.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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