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how to call philippines cell phone from korean cell phone

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  • Started 8 years ago by halfbreed
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  1. halfbreed

    im currently in south korea and my wife is in the philippines. i have a prepaid korean cell phone but am unable to call her cell from mine with the instructions posted. ive been able to call the U.S. before with this phone a while back.

    i would dial her number as follows: 001 63 09997536???
    i also tried these: 001 63 9997536???, 00639997536???, 006309997536???

    i would like to try the plus sign but i have no idea how to do that on this phone... it's different from an american phone. i've tried holding 0, *, #, and a combonation of other things with no luck so i really dont think i can get a + sign.

    i have called the U.S. before but it's been a while and i forgot the sequence of numbers i used but obviously it will be different for calling a cell in the philippines.

    if you could help me i'd greatly appreciate it... thanks!

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  2. admin
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    If this is a Phillipines registered cell (and it looks like one) then you are dialing the right sequence when using 001 63 99.... It could be that your prepaid phone no longer has international calling activated. I would call the phone company providing the prepaid plan to inquire about this.

    As for entering the plus sign - look for + on the cell phone keyboard. If you see it on one of the keys try quickly pressing it twice.

    Posted 8 years ago #
  3. halfbreed

    there's no + on the keypad. but you may be right about the prepaid service so i'll find out from them. thanks ...and ill let you know if i have any success

    Posted 8 years ago #

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