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    I will be visiting Mexico with my husband. We’ll both be taking our Canadian cell phones with us.
    I will have an international roaming plan with my carrier allowing free calls and text within Mexico and to Canada – he will not.
    Neither of us will be purchasing SIM cards when in Mexico.

    When calling each other within Mexico do I dial:
    Mexican exit code + Canada country + area code + xxx xxxx
    00 1 403 xxx xxxx

    Do I just dial as if we are both still in Canada

    Also, When dialing local Mexican numbers what would I do regarding exit codes etc

    Thank you


    Hi Carole,

    When traveling abroad with your cell phone the general rule you have to remember is that it becomes local for outgoing calls whereas for incoming calls it is still a Canadian phone; which is pretty logical once you grasp the concept. Incoming calls go through your Canadian operator first and then they are redirected to wherever you are in the world. So your first assumption is correct: 00 1 403 xxx xxxx or you can use the plus sign: +1 403 xxx xxxx. And, to call Mexican phones just use what they use over there for local/national calls – no need to dial international codes.

    In regard to your other question: I don’t know why you can’t call the Puerto Vallarta cell number from your landline. I would guess it is an issue with your landline phone service provider – try calling them to inquire about this.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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