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    Please can you tell me how to dial the following number from my cell number:
    I need to call morocco mobile number: 070538???
    I am calling from South Africa and the number that I dial to exit SA is 00 then 212 for moroc. After that if Idial the number above it gets cut or says number doesnt exist.

    So what do i dial??
    Please if you can email me the complete syntax to dial so that I can get through.

    APpreciate your help…


    Please admin.. I need assistance with this one soon. I need to make this call later this evening and its quite urgent.



    Sorry, I didn’t know it was urgent. You must drop the starting zero in the cell number: 00 212 705…


    ok I tried that… and… there is a french voice msg from what sounds like a Service Provider and I could only make out that the msg says that something to the effect of dialing a 6 after 212 in the number. SO what is confusing me is this:
    Do I dial 00212 6 705… ? or 00212 605… and not 705… ??


    Hm, you’re not paying attention to the info we provide. Yes, there was a numbering change for Morocco about 1 year ago. Indeed you must add a 6 before 7. All these changes are explained on and this page is also linked from


    Cool. Thanks so its 00 212 6 705 ….. – Got it.

    Thanks dude.. appreciate the help. Im sorry I didnt quite get the time to check those sites out. Just needed a quick reply for this question so I kept checking this link for it instead of going through the web pages you posted.

    But you did help….



    Hi Guys, I have a similar issue.

    I am in the UK and I need to call my fiancee ASAP that is currently in Morocco and I have been informed that she has a mobile number: 652XXX XXX. There is some EXTREMELY serious news that she needs to know and now I am currently starting to worry.

    The numbers I have been trying are:

    00 212 6 ‘652XXX XXX’

    and amongst other options:

    00 212 6 ’52XXX XXX’.

    I seem to get exactly the same which is just a french service provider message. I have read all the posts and think I understand only I would just like confirmation if you can spare only a minute of your time.

    Please help with some advise as soon as you can as I would really appreciate it.
    Thanks in advance


    Hello D,

    You are dialing the right digits (00 212 652 ??? ??? looks right). I don’t know why this call doesn’t go through. Could be that it is turned off or it is in a poorly covered area.


    Ahhh I see, – You mean that it might just be their mailbox as the phone is turned off? I thought it could be something like that as somebody else also suggested something similar. It just didn’t sound right that’s all and I needed confirmation from somebody that actually knows!

    As long as I defiantly know that I have the correct number and I’m not being stupid – I can rest easy that little bit more. I have another contact in addition I will try again the morning.

    All the same I can rest easy that I’m not at a complete dead-end with this, thank you so much for confirming that the number looks right. Very swift response.

    All the best,
    Kind Regards

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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