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How to find a free resident. phone directory in UK by address look up

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  1. cbarrett

    I have been searching for days online how to dial a free phone directory service or just trying to use the paid by the minute 118 119 phone directory service for the United Kingdom. It would not go thru with the country code 011-44 for calling from the US. I have the addresses of 2 people relatives in Essex and Deodar Rd, London that we have traced our family to thru the London Archives. Since I only have their addresses...I would like to follow up with a phone call. We are going over to London in June. I cannot figure out how to dial up a UK phone directory number or how to get a phone number online without signing up for a people search program..Please give me any suggestions you might have. Would it be easier to get a phone number for these people when we are in London?


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  2. admin
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    Directory lookup services can generally only be contacted from within the country they serve, so yes, you would be able to call UK directory from the UK, but not from the US.

    Most countries have a domestic number people can call to lookup international numbers. Call 411 Directory Assistance - often they can help with tracing international numbers as well.

    So you have the addresses, but what about the names? If you have these relatives' names you can look them up using the phone book below:

    Be careful with paid online reverse lookup services - often they promise more than they can provide.

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