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    I have been trying to call friends in Schoenbrunn, Germany since New Years Eve. All I get is a busy signal — sometimes immediately, other times after a sufficient pause so that I’m sure the phone is going to ring. (The phone doesn’t ring, though — I only hear the busy signal which I very much doubt has anything to do with the family’s use of the phone.)

    Their phone number hasn’t changed in the more than 20 years that I’ve known them. What I think has changed, though, is the area code/city code. I don’t think there used to be such a code. (It has been awhile since I called them.)

    I looked up the area code/city code on this website. (By the way — the terms “area code” and “city code” seem to be used interchangeably in reference to German telephone numbers — and not just here, on other websites as well. This is complicating things still further! Is there supposed to be one of each in the number? If so, there’s my problem. Where do I find the code I’m lacking?)

    Anyway, the number I’ve been trying to call is:
    011 + 49 + 36874 + 0627????
    Can you please help me out?


    Hi Julie,

    Area codes and city codes are the same thing (city code=area code for a particular city).

    I think your confusion comes from the city name. I looked up Schoenbrunn which seems to actually be Schönbrunn. I found at least two cities with this name in Germany: Schönbrunn b Hildburghausen (area code 36874) and just Schönbrunn (area code 6272). In any case, you shouldn’t have more than 10 digits for the phone number (including area code) and you have 12. My hunch is that you have been trying to call the Schönbrunn that has area code 6272 and mistakenly added area code 36874 of Schönbrunn b Hildburghausen to a complete number resulting in a too long inexistant German phone number. Moreover, the zero in the beginning of the Schönbrunn number (0627 etc) should be removed because it is just a code used for calls within Germany only. So I believe you should dial 011 49 627 and whatever digits you have. Again, the number you have seems complete so try to dial without adding any area codes and just removing the zero.

    Let me know if this works and if not we’ll look for other solutions.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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