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    I have an iPhone 5s. My carrier is Verizon. In preparation for my upcoming trip to France, Verizon sent me dialing instructions that say to dial a French phone number while I am in France I should dial +33 and then the French phone number. The instructions do not say whether or not I should use the leading 0 when I’m in France. Verizon customer support is useless; they don’t even know how French phone numbers are formatted.

    Your site says that when I arrive in France I can simply dial the full 10 digit French number with out any international codes. Did I read that correctly?

    Please clarify.


    Hi Dan,

    You should be able to either dial French numbers in their national dialing format (leading zero included), or use Verizon’s instructions and dial +33 followed by the French number without the leading zero this time.

    06 xx xx xx xx
    +33 6 xx xx xx xx.

    Both dialing sequences above should work. The second option is basically the international dialing format of the French phone number, but GSM technology these days is advanced enough to know that you are in fact dialing nationally. Of course, the good thing about using +33 is that the number stays unchanged no matter where you are dialing from.


    Thank you! That makes things so simple!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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