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    From December 10, 2020 new fixed (PSTN) number ranges were introduced for all geographic locations in Lebanon. For each existing 1 digit area code a new 2 digit code was introduced by prepending digit 2 to it. Note that this isn’t a migration from old to new numbers – all existing fixed telephone numbers remain unchanged, but it is rather a plan to slowly introduce a unified 8 digit closed numbering plan.

    The newly introduced phone numbers do not require the use of a trunk code (0) when dialed from Lebanon. This has been the case for 8 digit mobile numbers in the ranges 7x xxx xxx and 8x xxx xxx since their introduction.

    New PSTN number range Location
    21 xxx xxx Beirut area
    24 xxx xxx Mount Lebanon, Metn area
    25 xxx xxx Mount Lebanon, Chouf area
    26 xxx xxx North Lebanon
    27 xxx xxx South Lebanon
    28 xxx xxx Bekaa area
    29 xxx xxx Mount Lebanon, Jbeil and Keserwan area

    Source: ITU

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