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      What special dialing is required when calling to a mobile number from abroad?

      For example, when calling to Mexico mobile from abroad, a 1 must be added between the country code 52 and the area code, as shown here:

      Which other countries have these special rules and what are they?

      It would be convenient to have a column for these “mobile network entry codes” added to the list of country, breakout, and trunk codes here:



        Unlike the United States and Canada, most countries use a national dialing format for cell phone numbers and no area codes. For example all cell phone numbers in Australia start with 4. No geographic area codes (used by
        landlines) start with 4.

        Mexico is an exception. They have a pretty complex and complicated dialing plan with national rules for dialing both cell phone numbers and landlines which do not apply when dialing in from abroad. Argentina has a similar rule when dialing cell phones from abroad (digit 9
        must be added between country code and actual cell phone number):

        What we try to do is provide all the required dialing instructions on every country page. The reason why we don’t have a list of mobile network codes is because these codes are part of the mobile number and not added afterwards. So if you have a mobile number from any country it should comprise the network code. We do provide these starting digits under “How to dial Country X cellular” so our visitors can differentiate between mobile and landline phones.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

      Heads-up: some information on these forums could be outdated - countries change their numbering plans periodically. We recommend using our top menu to double check the correct instructions for dialing to a specific country.