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Numbering change Chiba Japan

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  1. jmiz

    I am trying to call our friends the Kadowakis in Chiba on 0011 81 43 2843 from Australia and it is not connecting. The number is an old one. I have been told that the chiba prefecture number is now six digits and I only have four begin 2843. Can you tell me the extra digits to be added or where I can get this information from? Thanks

    Posted 7 years ago #
  2. admin
    Key Master

    All fixed telephone numbers in Japan total 9 digits including the area code. This means that you should have 43 (Chiba's area code) + 7 digits. I don't know how old your number is, but it must be very old since you only have 4 digits and I couldn't find any information on a recent numbering change of that magnitude. Could it be that the number you have is simply incomplete?

    For official help try the Communications Ministry of Japan's website:

    Posted 7 years ago #


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