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    In 2008 Romania implemented two major changes to its telephone numbering system:

    New national dialing rule
    Telephone number portability

    New national dialing rule

    As of June 2008 all domestic landline telephone calls must be dialed using the national dialing procedure: 0 (Romania’s trunk code) + area code + local number, even if the number you want to call is in the same town/city.

    Telephone number portability implemented

    As of October 1, 2008 both fixed and mobile telephone numbers in Romania can be ported from one provider to another. A recorded message will be played in the event of calls made to a different network, thus allowing the caller to hang up before the call goes through. This is needed because each phone company in this country has been assigned a number range and subscribers can generally differentiate between in-network and national calls. With number portability this will no longer be the case.

    A quick look at the Romanian telephone numbering system

    Country code: 40

    Fixed numbers in Romania have the following format: (0) 2?? ??? ??? for all cities except for the capital Bucharest with (0) 21 ??? ???? with 2?? and 21 being the area codes.

    VoIP numbers use the same area codes as fixed numbers except for the starting 2 which is replaced by 3.

    Mobile numbers have the following format: (0) 7?? ??? ???.

    To dial Romania from abroad you will drop the starting zero. For example: dialing from the US to a Romanian cell phone: 011 + 40 + 7?? ??? ???. For a detailed list of Romanian area codes and related info please visit

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