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student in Spain - best way to call

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  1. 3sisters

    My daughter leaves for Spain this week and I am still trying to figure out the best way to contact her. she will be there four months. I know about Skype, but would like to be able to call when she is not able to get an internet connection. She says she plans to buy a go phone and sim car d there- will that allow her to call us? And can I call that phone? Her US phone will not take a sim card ( she has a blackberry) in Spain. If you have suggestions for how to do this cheaply I would appreciate it. Thanks.

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  2. admin
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    If the Blackberry phone is locked with a certain US provider it would need to be unlocked before being used in Europe with a local SIM card. It wouldn't hurt to ask the customer reps in Spain before buying a new phone. Sure, less fancy phones can be quite cheap in Europe so this will likely be your daughter's best option. With a prepaid package over there she will get a regular cell number you will be able to call without any problems. Note that you will pay international charges that are higher than what you would pay for calling fixed lines (the good news is that only you, the caller will incur charges). Make sure you know the rates before calling (calling cards are usually the best option when dialing abroad). Your daughter will also be able to call you using her prepaid cell, but rates can be a bit high.

    Here's what you will dial for calls from the US to Spain and from Spain to the US.

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