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    Still confused. How to phone/text between 2 US cell phones in 2 different European countries. I have US cell phone number with roaming and I am in France. How do I dial/text a US number who is in Germany.


    Hello Barbara,

    To call or text internationally from Europe use double zero followed by the US number, country code (one) included:
    001xxx xxx xxxx

    Double zero is the code used all over Europe to connect internationally.

    There is an even simpler way to connect internationally from any country without worrying about this code (using the plus sign):
    +1xxx xxx xxxx

    The same dialing rules would apply for calls between two US phones located in the same EU country.


    How do I text from a US iphone to Poland with Verizon as my carrier?


    Hello JRB,

    Try the page below and look for the paragraph named: How to dial to Poland cellular – the same info applies to text messages (you may also replace 011 with the plus sign):

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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