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    I just bought a new cellphone (“Solo mobile” provider, Canada) and I want to be able to text my love in Italy from here. Her cellphone number is 335 585 8***. The number I chose for sending the text message is 011 39 335 585 8***, which should work (it works if I call her from my home phone). But as for the text message, it doesn’t work. Is it because of the code, or is it just a service problems with the provider?

    (She can text me using a code, so, that’s why I tried a code with her number also).

    Thanks a lot!



    The codes you are using are correct. Sometimes using the plus sign instead of 011 works better for text messages (although both methods should work). If using the + sign doesn’t work either try calling Solo to see what they have to say. Looking at their plans at I see that not all have international texting included – I suppose yours does, but I’m just checking.


    Thank you very much. With some waiting, it finally arrived. It was indeed 011 39 + phone number.

    (Thanks for having looked at Solo plans! I have indeed international texting included.)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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