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    I’ll be traveling to the UK next week from the US. I’ll be needing to call/text from my US phone to both UK numbers and to others in the UK using US phones.

    For US to US phone, will I simply need to dial/text as normal?

    For US to UK phone, will I simply need to add +44 +UK number for both texting and calling?

    Thank you!



    To answer your first question: no, to call or text a US phone regardless of its location (US, UK, etc) you would enter +1 yyy xxx xxxx or 00 1 yyy xxx xxxx where yyy is the area code.

    For US to UK phones using +44 followed by the UK number is fine. Or 00 44. But if you have an initial zero in the UK number you should leave it out. For example: +44 7xxx xxx xxx and NOT +44 07xxx xxx xxx.
    To reach a UK number you may also use the local dialing method. For example a UK cell number has the following dialing sequence when called nationally: 07xxx xxx xxx.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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