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to call south Korea

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  1. tshomo

    Am trying to call South Korea but its not going through. Calling no is 01027081986??? and code from Bhutan is 0082. Please help me.


    Posted 8 years ago #
  2. admin
    Key Master


    You must remove the starting zero in this cell number: 00 82 1027 and so on. And by the way, I believe you've actually added ??? at the end of the number when we suggested replacing the last 3 digits with ??? (pls. correct me if I'm wrong).

    Posted 8 years ago #
  3. tshomo

    Sorry. I am using this site for the first time and i actually dont have much idea about it. Anyways, i will make sure it will not happen next time.

    Thank you for your help, i could call Korea and able to talk to my friend.

    Thanks a lot.

    Posted 8 years ago #

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