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Trying to call Australian mobile from US mobile

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  • Started 4 years ago by nujerzeedevil
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  1. nujerzeedevil

    I've been trying to reach numerous Australian mobile phones from my mobile phone in the U.S.
    Here's the numbers that I've been trying to reach, all mobiles:
    I use the country exit code (011) then dial the numbers but it says that none of them exist.
    I have read that all Australian mobile numbers have a 4 after the country code but the numbers that I'm trying to call don't, they have the one digit area code.
    I'd appreciate any insight and help with my dilemma.
    Thank you in advance.....

    Posted 4 years ago #
  2. admin
    Key Master

    Hello and thank you for using our website.
    These do look like Australian landlines. The only thing I can do is to try and dial one or more of these numbers myself. If I get the same message then there's an issue with your numbers. If not there's a problem with your phone line. If you want to do this just send me the number(s) using the Feedback link at the bottom.

    And one other thing: are you 100% certain that these are mobile numbers?

    Posted 4 years ago #


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