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    My girlfriend is currently in the Solomon Islands and I am struggling to find a way to get SMS to her. She has a Solomon Island mobile now and she is able to SMS to me in the UK no problem (I’m on Tesco mobile). I have tried replying to her number but it instantly fails (I don’t think it’s even getting out of the UK). I’ve tried using Skype to send an SMS to the number but that also fails and says invalid number.

    Am I missing a code somewhere? The number is +677 76000**. I have a feeling that because it is not a typical 10 digit phone number, it’s being flagged as invalid. Is there a way to get either my mobile or Skype to force send it?

    The Tesco mobile website even lists the Solomon Islands as one of their Zone 3 countries and says it should be 20p per text (I am being charged for these failed ones too!) yet gives no information on how to SMS to the country (or any other non 10 digit number).

    Any help would he hugely appreciated!



    Hi Mark,

    First of all – does your cellular plan include/allow international texting? If you’re not sure ask your wireless provider.

    The digits you are using look right although I am not aware of Solomon Islands cell numbers starting with 76 (most start with 74 and 75). It is possible of course that they’ve added some new prefixes. Have you been able to call this number? Instead of using the plus sign before 677 you can also use 00 for both texting and calling: 0067776000??.

    Let me know if this works.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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