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US cell calling US cell while both in South Africa

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  1. cstoeber

    My husband and I will be traveling separately in South Africa later this month. We each have a US mobile phone with international calling capability. How do we call each other? Do we need to use SA dialing codes?

    Also, how do I call a South African land or cell phone from my US cell while in SA?

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  2. admin
    Key Master

    You will need to dial back to the US to call each other, the same way someone from South Africa would call you if you were in the US. Say you both have Las Vegas phones (Las Vegas has area code 702). You would dial: 00 1 702 ??? ???? to reach your husband. The call goes to the US and is then redirected back to SA where your husband is.

    To call South African phones just dial what they tell you to. South African phones dialed within the country should start with a zero. See the page below:

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